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8th March 2016 - Mrs. Corby's, Ramsgate

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With report volunteers for today rarer than "hen's teeth" leaves me, with my memory, to fabricate one with the assistance of the TT's in attendance. As I remember it there were 9, or was it 10, at the Pier Head, TM, MM, DL, RL, BV, LA, SB, HH, ML & John, the Derny, Parry. (SB) 

Mrs Corby's indeed it was, after the usual drawn out debate and subsequent democratic vote:  This time we managed to reach our destination without being side tracked by siren voices, to Stonelees! Bitterly cold NE breeze ensured that all 9 of us were most grateful to reach the comfort of Mrs Corby's.  Uneventful ride back as I remember. (ML)

The conversation at Mrs B's was its usual sparkling coverage of world affairs. Conversation only stilted when two or more were consuming their large portions of cake. (HH)

It was a beautiful, sunny day although we had a noticeable headwind on our return journey.  As is often the case, we had not noticed any wind assistance on the outward journey. (MM)

(photo: somewhere in Adelaide Hills - probably Balhanah)

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