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22nd March - Windmill Cafe, Whitfield

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A lovely sunny spring morning and seven intrepid athletes turned up at the Pier at nine o’clock – another (me) just made it by 9.05hrs after my domestic chore of hanging out the washing; the machine takes it’s time! The team were ; Stan B., Bill K., Tom McM., Malcolm B., Michael L., Norman D., Jerry S., and David L. The destination had already been decided to be Whitfield, which was along an unusually windless gently uphill route involving Coldblow crossing – the last time it was into a south westerly gale which caused my bicycle to need some early attention at home – I got as far as Telegraph road on that occasion.

The Cafe was a very welcome sight, but a bit disappointing for Stan as he didn’t get the same warm welcome from the Lady of the House as when he goes to Le Detroit in Calais – no doubt it will be better next time. The discussions were varied but involved trying to keep up with the younger generation in the computer world by finally being brave enough to ask ‘silly’ questions which have plagued us for years, and a long session involving how to lick balls and keep them warm and playing well – this lost me!

The beauty of the stay was that we were in a BRIN/BREXIT free zone – let’s hope it can stay like that for three months more. It became time to say goodbye – four straight down the old Sandwich Road and four gliding back to Deal – the slope just about making up for a slight head wind. Let’s hope that the onset of summer can give us many more warm and dry windless rides in such lovely countryside. (DLt)

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