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10th May 2016 - Met at pier - Tour abandoned

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I've drawn up a list of the athletes who attended at The Pier:-

The weather forecast was of the warm rain scenario. However several devotees did make the effort to go for a ride, but as it turned out about half an hour after a dry spell and an hour before the rain ceased.

They were: Tom Mc.; John P. on a restored electric bike - wishing to buy us all a meal as he is having a Birthday - it's now next week for the treat, so watch this space; Howard who gallantly had been testing The Ancient Highway and was a very poor advertisement for any more of its use today - he was off to spend more time and money on his computer repair (my version of the worth of trying to keep up with technology!); Jonathan B.; and Stan B - in his car, and yours truly.

With all the will in the world we'd have loved a trip out, but the mood with the wind and rain was a little against that idea.

We all have to get ready for events later this, and next, week - so we'll get a headstart on them.

The ride home was quite pleasant as conditions were getting better; a bit late - and in my case involved only a 3 mile round trip. (DLt)


Yesterday at the Pier there were 4 fools sitting in the rain; John P, David Lt, Tom and I. The rain continued to fall so cycling was put on hold however Tom went for a ride around Pfizers and I had to get home, which I imagine was what David and John did notwithstanding it being John's birthday. (HH)

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