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21st June 2016 - Sandwich, Finglesham & Deal

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JG in the Chocolate Shop in Pardubice, Czechia

On a cloudy but warm day with relatively little wind six keen cyclists gathered at the Pier ready for the outing . Bill K , Stan B , Richard L , and Howard H , re-joining after a little absence were John P and Tom McM . As two of our company had not ridden for a while Bill K came up with a novel suggestion of doing a figure of eight . From the Pier to Sandwich across the Ancient Highway then back to the Pier via Finglesham at which point coffee to be taken in the Cyclists Café ,then up to Ringwold and back to the Pier via Upper Walmer . No counter suggestions being made off we went .

Circle one being successfully completed apart from a slight detour to avoid a horse the Pier was reached and coffee taken along with two slices of chocolate and Guinness cream cake . The cake was highly commended by those partaking . Conversation generally managed to avoid the topic of the moment and conversation was of a more general nature .

After a good relaxation the time came for the second figure of eight when enthusiasm was noticeably absent and after a little 'shuffling' it was agreed that we forget the second leg and head for home . This decision may well have arisen as a consequence of the cake .

Off we went our various ways , Tom and John straight home , Howard to Poundland searching for a cricket ball , Bill home via Upper Walmer and Richard and Stan to Sandwich as Stan felt he needed a little more exercise . A pleasant relaxed ride of 20+ miles .


David L after his accident last week felt it better that he rested this week as he was still sore ,so our best wishes David and hope to see you next week. (HH)

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