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5th July 2016 - Langdon Cliffs

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This is the week of the Marine`s concert at Deal Bandstand.

However on Tuesday 5/7 the following met at Deal Pier, Lance A, Bill K, Malcolm B, BILL V, John P , Mike L, Mike M , Tom McM , Richard Ln, Howard H.

Thus, with a vote of various levels of enthusiasm we decided to aim for Langdon cliff ( in land to minimise the wind factor!). We headed off up Telegraph road and down through Cold Play and then the railway crossing.

Shortly after the crossing Malcolm B`s rear gears collapsed bringing him to an immediate halt but fortunately with no injuries – he was moving uphill at the time, otherwise it could have been a rather nasty problem. He decided to head off towards Walmer station and onwards home.

For some unknown reason we seem to encounter an unusual amount of traffic , tractors, cars etc. Nevertheless we arrived at Langdon cliff although at some stage Richard Ln had also some some gear problems resulting in rather oily fingers.
Tea/coffee/ and food were consumed while setting the world to rights and then back home with another 17 miles accomplished for me and more for others. (TM)

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