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12th July 2016 - Gibson's, Wingham

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Swedish Bike-stand
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Some early torrential rain having cleared through, nine day-glow TT’ers assembled in the equally bright sunshine at Deal Pier by 9am. They were, Tom, Lance, Howard H, Bill K, Bill V, Stan, Mike L, Jonothan, and Malcolm. Near perfect conditions bode well, as the pier flags hung limply due to the temporary absence of all wind.

The cry went up that Gibsons was to be our target, and soon we were off, pedalling furiously after an energised Lance, towards the High Street. We then all turned down Stanhope Road past the Post Office, and made for the centre line of the two way street, ready for our right turn. Howard was by now heading up the peleton, and at the very moment he reached the T junction, and popped his hand out signalling right, a red car screamed past us all, on the wrong side of road, and nearly took off his indicating right arm, and then swiftly turned left across his bow! It was a very close call, and fortunately no harm done, but shocking driving.

We made our way towards Upper Deal and then Sholden on the cycle path, noting in passing that “Fowlmead” is no more, having been re-named Betteshanger Country Park.
We wove our usual route via Finglesham, Eastry, and Barnsole progressively towards Wingham, most of us avoiding the main road, using a recognised Lance “short cut” to arrive simultaneously with the braver souls at Gibsons.

We were able to sit outside, among the cherry trees that Stan was tempted to de-nude of fruit, but then thought better of! The usual banter ensued, livened by the anticipation of Theresa May as our imminent new Prime Minister. After liquid refreshments plus sundries for some, we were off, heading for home. A couple of miles on and the peleton split, three headed for Deal and Walmer, and the other six for Eastry and beyond.

Wonderful cycling weather, and the countryside somehow looked exceptional today. I guess we covered some 25 miles. (MB)

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