Tuesday Tour

26th July 2016 - Mrs. Corby's, Ramsgate

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Present: John G, Stan, Malcolm, Bill V, Norman, David L, Richard, Tom, Mike Elms, Mike L

A good turnout on a warm and sunny day. We welcomed a new member, Mike Elms from Worth. John G’s return from Sweden meant that leadership of the group was fully restored and a decision was duly taken to head for Mrs Corby’s in Ramsgate. However, not everyone arrived, John G retiring at Sandwich Quay and Mike Elms pulling out with a knee problem at Cliffsend.

Stan was conspicuous by his absence at Sandwich Quay but arrived at Ramsgate having gone “off piste” via Sevenscore. On arrival at Mrs Corby’s, he was immediately called into action by a young mother whose son needed his bicycle saddle to be lowered.

Mrs Corby’s was packed to the gunnels with “church people” but we were well looked after on an outside table. We enjoyed the sunshine, the usual array of cakes and liquid refreshments, and some scintillating conversation. Mrs Corby herself made an appearance regaling us with jolly tales of her recent trip to Sorrento.

On leaving, it was Norman’s turn to head off in a different direction, the others taking the conventional route back via Sandwich Quay where the Deal and Sandwich/Worth contingents went their separate ways. 28 miles for me. (ML)

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