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6th September 2016 - Gibsons, Wingham

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There was a “muggy” feel in the air today, but with a very light breeze which made cycling very pleasant. The team comprised: Bill K, Tom M, Gerry S, David L, Richard L, Lance A , Stan B and myself Mike E.

We set off up through Deal to Sholden in a relatively tight bunch and caused a minor delay to traffic on the A258 northbound. The first major climb of the day, post Finglesham, spread out the team of 8 riders, but we were all back together again by the time we reached the famous “Ham Sandwich” sign.

We stopped in accordance with due custom on Hay Lane and again in Eastry. As we set off again along the high street Lance A offered a lift to some ladies waiting at a bus stop. His offer was not taken up by the ladies. His crossbar would not have been as comfortable as a bus seat!

We continued up through Staple towards Wingham where my front wheel tubular tyre decided to deflate. After telling some team members of my plight I tried to pump up the tyre but the valve gave up the ghost. I continued at a slower pace whilst watching the hi-vis clad team arriving at Gibsons well ahead of me.

As the waitress was seeking our coffee requirements Stan asked Lance to stand up to which Lance said no. Stan then politely advised Lance that he was “flying without a license” fortunately immediate action was taken to hide any offending articles! Much of the conversation over coffee was regarding health issues including Alzheimers, Dementia and other frightening conditions!

As we made our way back, we split up as team members filed off towards their end goals. I was very appreciate of Richard L’s kind support following me home with my front tyre getting ever flatter! About 28 miles covered. (ME)

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