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11th October 2016 - Mrs. Corby's, Ramsgate

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 We wish....

Another good turnout at the pier, eleven in all; John P, John G, Lance, Mike L, Malcolm, Norman, Howard, David Lt, Tom, Bill V and Bill K. A near perfect day for bikers, modest autumn temperature with little wind and what there was of it was a gentle northerly, something to make poor Boreas rather ashamed. Nevertheless the suggestion of Mrs. Corby's as the day's destination was met with virtually no resistance with the thought that should the breeze strengthen during the course of the morning then it would offer invaluable assistance on the return leg.

So the much traversed Ancient Highway was once more our chosen route and although I did trail well behind the leading group we all reached our traditional gathering point at Sandwich Quay safely. Then off on our two possible routes via Pfizer's - I chose the dedicated cycleway around the old pharmaceutical establishment as I prefer to keep off-road as much as possible and also believe in the philosphy of "use it or lose it" fearing that this route could fall into decay if not used. So with my generally slower pace and now the extra half mile or so I was soon well behind the main peloton. Bill K kindly kept me company until he too yearned for pacier pedalling and left me to catch up the main mob.

I arrived well behind the rest, of course, at Mrs. Corby's where the other nine were already anticipating their refreshments, usually tea and cake - nine because Bill V had made the "loop" at Pfizer's and returned home for domestic duties. The usual conversations ensued, with Trump and Clinton bagging the limelight before it was time to mount saddles once more for the journey home. Yet again I opted for the longer route around Pfizer's and was therefore surprised to find most of the others still waiting for me at Sandwich - very sociable of them.

Then the relatively easy breeze-helped return passed the golf clubs to home. Weary legs but a satisfying 25-30 miles for me. (JG)

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