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18th October 2016 - Langdon Cliffs Café, Dover

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Mustered and ready for burning fat this morning were, Bill K, Mike L, David L, Stan B, Jonothon B, Malcolm B, JG, Mike L, Howard H + Senior OBE’s 1 & 2 (Messers Norman & Bill V).
Mike Elmes had sent his apologies the previous evening citing a “poorly cold” as an excuse.

TT Agenda Item 1: Absences: Little discussion was needed to confirm that TTer’s offering such flimsy excuses would in future require an appropriately signed note explaining their non attendance.
Item 2: Destination: JG in his usual quiet authoritative voice said; “Follow me we’re going to Langdon” immediately followed with several wimpish voices shouting in unison, “but it’s raining” before screaming at Bill K, who was already a 100 yards down the road, to come back until it had stopped. Without further discussion we democratically agreed and followed like lambs to the slaughter into the howling force 8 wind, well it felt like it!

Eventless we all arrived at Langdon cliffs café, still shut, excepting for the catering staff taking their drinks break, and the local ladies gardening club pondering over their seed catalogues ordering next year’s blooms. Oh!! Did I mention there was one notable absentee, subsequent enquiries suggested JG had decided it was not such a good destination choice and went home instead of facing the wrath of the infamous Dover Straits S.Westerly breeze.

After a pleasing hour or so of pleasant social chit chat we headed our separate ways, the Gardening Club ladies by this time had reached page 74 of their 224 page catalogues.

Average 25 miles covered, except 1 who will give his reasons in the addendum. (SB)


Addendum: Langdon would rarely be my choice because there are "four-lettered" things on the way - hill(s)! But I decided not to influence the choice of destination as I knew I would be only cycling a short way today - an annual visit to a medical man was on the agenda. In the event heading into a noticeable breeze encouraged me to curtail my peddling adventure even more than intended and at the top of Oldstairs Road I was already at the rear, so to speak, and decided on a surreptitious "about-turn". I had foreseen the inevitable battle across the open spaces once beyond St. Margarets - "been there, done that!" (JG)

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