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8th January 2019 - Jemima's Locket, Minster

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Boreas: Both Brutal and Bountiful?
A handsome winter turnout at the pier; 13 in all including two new riders: Deborah and Simon, both sporting e-converted hybrids. The regulars consisted of: Jonothan, John G, Tom, David, Richard, Malcolm, Mike L, Mike S, Bill, Lance and Stan. We were aware that heading towards Minster would put us headlong into the fairly strong wind, but hoped the return journey would be the pay-off. Leg-only bikers courageously fought this formidable adversary along the ancient highway, but Boreas did claim one victim; Bill, who turned for home at Chequers. The usual pause at Sandwich Quay to allow stragglers to congregate - what are they working at again close to the Toll Bridge? - and we were off. Only four followed my strict instructions to take the cycleway around Pfizer's - I suspect a mutiny leader fresh from saving an old lady - and so the peloton became seriously spread out.

We arrived at Jemima's in dribs and drabs but happily all made it. Post-refreshments, I challenged them to take the longer route back via Plucks Gutter whilst half expecting to be doing it on my own. To my surprise eight (or was it nine?) riders opted for the extra mileage which would include continuing the headwind battle, at least as far as Monkton.

And so it was. Once the left turn towards Preston had been made there was a noticeable improvement in the riding conditions and the traditional "collection point" wait on Plucks Gutter bridge revealed a beautiful day of sunshine and winter crispness. The "shove in the back" dutifully arrived once we had joined Route One just east of Preston. However the group of eight (or was it nine?) somehow got split and whilst I was leading the first half through Westmarsh and expecting to arrive at an empty quay in Sandwich, Mike L was heading the splinter mob on a Lance-style bypass and incredibly got there first. A speedy, almost battery-free return journey, across the Ancient Highway meant a good challenging ride of 30 miles for me. (JG)


... you counted us out, and assume wish to at least equal that number of TTers and new friends who safely returned.  I am among that number - a late starter on Plucks Gutter route.  I was wishing our friend D a happy New Year FYI.  Nearly caught up but was delayed by the red light en route.  Total for me 35 miles plus.  (RL)

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