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15th January 2019 -Langdon Cliffs Cafe, Dover

JP's 10x V IDEO of Today's Ride

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An important day!  Invention of the clarinet (1690), the Aussie cricketer Joe Darling hit the first six in test history (1898), Little Richard released Tutti Fruiti (1956) etc.  Also the day 12 TTers and guest (Keith) accepted without dissent our President's pre-ordained route - Langdon Cliffs it was.  Well, all except for Howard ... a cold and lack of recent rides his excuse.  Four for the low road - Lance, Bill (remember his long gone basket), Tom and yours truly.  The rest for Skylark.  Lance, Bill and Tom opted for coffee at St Margaret's, me into the wind to Langdon Cliff's cafe.  Two Cubists awaited - young Mike and Mikey - with one motor bicyclist, John P.   The rest arrived in dribs and drabs - John G, Malcom, Dave, Stan the man,  and our guest Keith.  It was probably the novelty of sitting inside the cafe rather than escaping the lowering temperatures outside that prolonged our stay.  Astride our battery and leg-driven steeds for the return everyone except me opted for the following wind.  Me, Skylark in reverse.  A very pleasant ride, total 30 miles.  And did l mention it was my birth day plus one. And no, not yet an OBE.   (RL)


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