Tuesday Tour

22nd January 2019 -Stonelees Gof Centre

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JP's "Old Movie" Version of Today's Ride

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A bright sunny morning, little wind & consensus was Stonelees. 11 of us John G,Howard, Mike’s E & L, David L, Stanley, John P, Bill V, Richard, Keith & Tom. Off we all went & soon were well strung out. Unfortunately, whilst negotiating the road works at Sandwich Quay Keith involuntarily dismounted. He was OK but well past Pfizer’s realised he’d lost his expensive ‘phone. Back he went poste haste.

Over Sandwich bridge Richard diverted to the right, thus just 9 of us at Stonelees cafe. It being the day after my birthday I offered drinks etc to all before leaving the pier. However, as 7 reached Stonelees well before me they decided to buy their own. Howard who followed me in did benefit from my generosity!! Sorry to the rest - there’s always next year!!

Having put the world right for a half our or so we all departed on our various ways. Some even went on to Ramsgate!    (BV)

PS > Keith found his ‘phone but I won't tell you where


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