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29th January 2019 - Cliffe Tavern, St.Margarets

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Seven riders (David L, Stan, Mike E, Tom, Howard, Jerry & me) eventually arrived in dribs & drabs at the pier in cloudy, frigid conditions, despite the brisk southerly wind. Two were sporting shiny new bikes; Stan with the latest edition to the e-bike force & Jerry with an amazing carbon fibre machine, which weighs less than the battery on our e-bikes!

It was agreed that with rain forecast for later in the morning & the brass monkey temperature + wind chill, we would do the relatively short coastal ride to the Cliffe Tavern in St Margaret’s. At the outset, Howard stated that he may not go all the way, which he didn’t, but I don’t know how far he went.

Along the coastal path, up Oldstairs Road and on to St Margaret’s & the Cliffe Tavern. Although there were armchairs in the garden, we opted for the cosy lounge inside. With coffees, teas and for me a splendid chocolate brownie we spent a pleasant half an hour largely discussing the best ways of getting reductions in insurance premiums & Sky subscriptions! Stan told me about a ship (or is it boat) spotting App, which will go nicely with one I have for planes. I downloaded it & was pleased to see that HMS Warship ‘Enterprise’ was indeed patrolling the channel. I also found that the other one is still in port in Gibraltar!

A swift, wind-assisted downhill ride ensued to Kingsdown where we dispersed to our various homes. A modest 11 miles for me. (JP)


Stan's addendum:
My E-Bike appraisal to date is very favourable. After following the advice of the many who’ve gone before believe I’ve chosen the right bike. I’ve only done 75 miles, but already I’ve found that I can put the same amount of effort/energy (selective use of power/no power)) into a ride as I can on a normal bike and still feel the benefit from a ride. It’s just a little easier on the difficult bits!

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