Tuesday Tour

12th February 2019 - Mrs Corby's, Ramsgate

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On a cool, sunny and amazingly windless morning 6 eco – warrior cyclists and 4 true athletes turned up for the 09.30hrs interim winter/summer TT Ride start time

These were Jonothan B., John P., Tom Mc., Lance A., Stan B., and David Lt. – all electrified; and Richard L., Michael E., Howard H., and Michael S.– as true athletes.

It was quickly decided to head for Mrs. Corby’s at Ramsgate with hope that she was still in business. The business is in the latter stages of being sold off – it could be only weeks before a proper deal is made – hopefully we can go there again before it ‘changes hands.’

The peloton of escaping cyclists will be on John P’s video to accompany this record. The talk in the Cafe did not mention the dreaded swearword – ‘Br.’ - at all; a welcome respite.

When we were leaving Lance and Jonothan heard a cry of ‘Help’ coming from the area over the wall from the Cafe – our gallant heroes went to an elderly gentleman who had apparently been attacked. They were able to follow us after a few minutes without any real solution to the situation, or an explanation of the circumstances as they existed - as far as I know.

The usual route home along the Ancient Highway was accomplished with ease to end a very pleasant late winter’s(?) ride out.

A very pleasant 29 miles for myself. (DL)

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