Tuesday Tour

JP's Video of Today's Ride

19th February 2019 - Gibson's, Wingham

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Last-minute Jonothan, so we're ten,
TT double-figures yet again,
Gibsons is to be the target
Would've been better goin' to Margate.

Four from ten were only-legs,
They think E-Bikes are the dregs,
But face to face with those hills,
It's either batteries or pills.

The staff at Gibson's couldn't cope,
Go there again? Don't raise your hope.
The return trip was a different story,
Weather, scenery, in all its glory.

Perfect day on which to cycle,
Lance, John, Dave, Tom, Dick, Stan, Michael,
Nearly 30 miles for me,
Home just in time to have that pee! (JG)

In Attendance: Richard, David, John P, John G, Mike E, Mike S, Tom, Lance, Stan and Jonothan.

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