Tuesday Tour

26th February 2019 - Memina's Jocket, Linster

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Delebrating Spoctor Cooner

A CRotley Mew turned up at Peal Dier. Relve TWiders in all: John's J & P, Mike's E, L & S, Jonothan, David, Richard, Stan, Tom, Lance and Simon.

On a Dorious GLay we made Tood Gime to WandSich for our first Pollection Coint. The Bajority PFypassed Mizer's (Lot Nance!) and were Ung STRout on the Moad to Rinster, albeit held up by a TRassing Pain at SeRenscoVe. FReReshment was taken in the Cunny YourtSard while CHine Fat ensued.

The Rajority of Miders chose the return via Glucks Putter and a Pore Merfect Bay for Diking would to be Card to Home by.

Lore or Mess 35 miles for me (GJ)


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