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5th March 2019 - Langdon Cliffs, Dover

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Under a blue/sunny sky eight of us met at the pier,( Lance A, Stan B, Jon G, Bill K ,Richard L, David L, Mike L, Tom Mc.) . John had sent out a list of suggestions from which a run to Langdon cliffs was the preferred option. This envisaged a route through Fingelsham, the Cider works, Church Whitfield , Guston, Dover castle, Langdon. One which we had not done for some considerable time.

As usual we set off with no particular order which meant that John was way out in front and missed Stan`s spectacular dismount at the edge of Sholden fields - he misjudged a gap through bushes, one of which was particularly sturdy and did not give way to his handlebar with the result that the bicycle went one way and he went over in the other direction. (It must be said that his forward roll was impressive, muscle memory from his military days?) Fortunately he did not have any serious injuries apart from his pride.

We proceeded with no further events arriving at the remains of the Cider works which looked quite sorrowful in its delapidated state of burnt out roof open to the elements. The absence of scaffolding and tarpaulin does not give much hope for the future.

We proceeded to Langdon café which was quite busy but they were quite efficient so that we had no great delay in service . As usual the conversation covered a number of topics , one of which has become a regular and that is how many bars have the e-bikes used - this does not refer to the number of hostelries visited in Deal but an indication of the battery use. Some favour the option of using as little as possible whilst others go for the opposite in using as much as possible - each to their own !

After a pleasant interlude in the sun and a view of the Channel we set off home.

I covered 25 miles while others would have done several/many more. (TM)


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