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19th March 2019 - Garden Centre, Preston

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Sunny start, Soggy finish

Ten started out from the pier on a perfect day for cycling: John's J & P, Mike's E & S, Jonothan, Tom, Lance, Stan, David and Richard. No sooner had we set off when my phone rang - can never get to it on time - message from France! Malcolm won't make it! Is he a victim of the French strikes?

It should have been eventful-less, but apparently Jonothan had a bit of a run-in with a lady motorist (or was it a white-van-man?) whose spacial awareness was not what it ought to be. He made it beyond Sandwich but then turned for a visit to his solicitor - not about that lady I hope?

After threading our way through Sandwich we followed route one past Richborough and subsequent villages, although some opted to avoid Goldstone for fear of lacerating tyres. I suspect Westmarsh was also by-passed by the same shoddy 'short-cut' group which astonishingly didn't contain Lance, because on arriving at the garden centre the 'by-pass-peloton' was already there enjoying their pastries. It was pleasant enough for us to sit out in the splendid courtyard and enjoy our fayre al fresco.

Lance upped early and left for his 'tooth-hurty' appointment with dentist Wun Pul-Out and then Mike E set off for an appointment with his Smart Meter Maid, who had already, it seems, cancelled.

The rest then ambled back via Plucks Gutter, Monkton, Minster, Stoneless roundabout to Sandwich where we split for our individual destinations. A jolly good ride despite being caught in a fairly hefty squall just before getting home and ending up soaked!

Close to 35 miles for me, more, no doubt, for others. (JG)


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