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26th March 2019 - Langdon Cliffs Cafe

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In the absence of our Prime Minister, the business of the day was taken over by a House of Commons comprising 10 riders: Lance, Bill K, John P, David, Tom, Malcolm, Richard and Mikes S, E and L. A dry and bright Spring morning with light winds meant that everyone was perky and raring to go. The attached picture seemed appropriate for such a day.

After some indicative votes, Langdon Cliffs was our chosen destination, Lance looking particularly pleased with that decision. Six riders took the coastal path while four (including your scribe) went via the Skylark route, but we all seemed to arrive about the same time. We were delighted to join Bill K in celebrating his birthday – thank you again Bill for your generosity! The sun shone and conversation flowed in the usual jocular manner.

Flora and fauna are doing well at this time of the year but the results are not always welcome: Alexanders are growing rapidly by the roadside and are beginning to exude the smell of gentlemen’s toilets. Ironically, they are edible. Meanwhile, all but one of us were wearing bright yellow jackets which attracted an invasion of pollen beetles. Bill was especially popular with these annoying creatures not, I suspect, because of his Birthday but because his jacket was the most fluorescent. David, in his much duller, orange jacket, found it all very amusing.

Bill took the inland route home, while the rest headed up the hill and on to St Margaret’s, Kingsdown and Walmer. 31 miles for me.

Reminder: Next week our start time will revert to 9am, with the arrival of BST, which almost certainly means colder weather is on the way! (ML)


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