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2nd April 2019 - Cliffe Tavern, St. Margarets

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On a cool morning with a threat of rain within a few hours seven gallant cyclists turned up at Deal Pier at the summer meeting time of 09.00 hrs.

It was quite quickly decided that we didn’t want to get wet, and therefore the short dash up the hill to the Cliffe Tavern at St. Margarets was chosen. The hotel had a very comfortable table for Lance, Tom, Michaels E & L, Bill K, Malcolm and David Lt.

The conversation involved travel plans and Michael E’s forthcoming refund from Volkswagen cars for dieselgate – from what I can gather it’ll be worth a treat one Tuesday!

The trip back was, as always on that route, a pleasant doddle; and I would assume that we were all home before the rain came. Only about 14 miles for myself. I then followed this with an enjoyable tour around Walmer and Deal within a short distance from shelter if it was needed – the light rain started in Deal at midday.

Still a nice day to have a bit of exercise in the open air. (DL)

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