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9th April 2019 - Stonelees Golf Centre

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Six Sodden Syclists - well no, actually, although six was a very good number for the rather dispiriting conditions; Grey skies, heavy clouds and a continuous light smattering of rain. Also the forecast light wind was still a noticeable feature as we headed into it on our way to a modest ride destination; Stonelees Golf Centre. A fairly usual traverse of the Ancient Highway saw all six arrive as a group at Sandwich Quayside for the ubiquitous pause before heading around Pfizer's on our way to our final objective.

Whilst enjoying our various beverages in the dry comfort of the clubhouse we were taken by surprise when Lance, who had cleverly deduced our destination, arrived to join us for the usual discussions. On his way back from ruminating in Ramsgate he had been inspired to check for bicycles in the nice sheltered bike-port offered by Stonelees.

The smooth and uneventful return, apart from me being the only Pfizer Bypass user, followed by a brief pause by the quay again, saw the group disperse in an orderly fashion.

Riders today: John G. BA, David. BA, Mike E, TLO (totally leg-only) Mike S, TLO, Jonothan, MLO (mostly leg-only) and Bill K, BA.

A modest but worthy 20 odd miles for me. (JG)


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