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7th May 2019 - Independent Pedaler, Bridge

John P's 30x Video of today's ride

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....ridden by many of the TT members. Today Route 16 was touched on by eight of the original 13 who met at the pier: John P, John G, Stan, Mike E, Mke L, Mike S, David, Simon were the group who made it to the Independent Pedaler at Highland Court Farm, Bridge. Mike M, one of the pier 13, also arrived at the IP but with a different cycling group. Lance, Tom, ?, ? (two others who I've forgotten) and Richard decided on an 'Adam Carse' route to Langdon Cliffs.

The ride to our new refreshment establishment was straightforward enough traversing familiar roads; Sholden, Fingelsham, Eastry, Rowling, Goodnestone and Adisham, the latter being where we paused to reassemble the peloton so that Mikes E & L could lead us the final way. As it turned out there were still a couple of miles or more to cycle before we found ourselves in the Bridge trading estate. From Adisham our destination, Independent Pedaler, it had been well signposted but once in the trading estate there were no signs. However our two leaders knew where we were going and soon we were sitting enjoying excellent refreshment, but in the company of at least two other cycling groups - popular indeed! John P kindly footed the bill - his birthday is imminent - and then we were on our way again.

To make it a circular ride throughout I suggested following route 16 to Dover but at Adisham the bunch of Mikes opted for a more direct route home. Big mistake!!!

As it turned out my memories of 16 from a decade ago were absolutely right. Sweet it may not be, but definitely challenging and undulating (in the Bill K sense), but also really beautiful. Through villages and hamlets on truly quiet roads, it was a real pleasure to re-acquaint with this route. Hardly meeting any vehicles through glorious countryside we eventually arrived at Whitfield - that is John P and I - we were now down to just two. He was running low on battery power so having to use a little more leg-assistance than usual. No problem though as once Whitfield had been negotiated it was all downhill from there.

A great ride in excellent conditions. More than 35 miles for me. (JG)

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