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14th May 2019 - Langdon Cliffs Cafe

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Strong easterly winds prevailed so it was agreed by the "Precious Few”; Mike M & S, Jonathan, Malcolm and myself that Langdon Cliffs would be a good destination. Up hill with a following wind and down hill against the wind. We achieved the first leg in ultra quick time, without the help of the E-bikers leading the peloton, arriving at the NT cafe 10 minutes before their 10 o’clock opening time. Views down to the port were stunning with the sun lit aqua blue sea being driven into the port by the wind. A long coffee break followed with lots of chats culminating in the Jonathan story about the strange group of kids squatting in an empty premisses of his for a drinks and stuff party who were oblivious to the arrival of the police! We left the cafe with the view of returning via the Skylark route. However this route was blocked by roadworks on the hill passed the castle. We ignored the roadsigns saying “Road Closed Ahead” thinking that there would be a way passed but no, it was impossible! So after considering the alternative route back we came back the way we went! Riding down the hill towards St Margarets against the strong wind was like riding up hill. If only we have E-bikes! 34 miles for me, (ME)

PS> Wednesday, 15th May 2019 - Solo run to Clifftop Cafe, Capel le Ferne

After three days solid (and awful) golf I decided my Wednesday should be devoted to a challenging cycle ride and as I've been mentioning Capel le Ferne recently I thought I should put my pedals where my mouth is. The straightforward St. Margarets route was effected fairly rapidly arriving at Dover with a speedy descent down castle hill, taking care on Simon's Bend! Wending my Route 2 way to Samphire Hoe brought me to the beginning of the track beside the dual A20. This section has deteriorated considerably since we last used it many years ago being broken tarmac which is severley pitted and potholed - not too bad for the speed of an ascent but lethal for a speedy descent.

Clifftop Cafe was a big disappointment. Being a beautiful warm sunny day it was well patronised and although it could cope seating-wise the lack of staff (only two on service) meant I was advised of a 20 minute wait just for a cold sandwich. So a single piece of uninteresting fruitcake later and I left, just as 50 motorbikers had pulled up - no, not to be recommended!

Not wishing to risk that dreadful surface on the descent I found a briliant route back to Dover via West Hougham and glorious quiet lanes through beautiful valleys. Then after buying some provisions at M&S in St. James I sailed up castle hill with a fully loaded bike and was soon home. An interesting 30 miles. (JG)

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