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21st May 2019 - Boost Food Kitchen, Whitfield

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A sunny, breezy and pleasantly warm day. Nine turned up at Deal Pier – John G, Lance, John P, Tom, David L, Richard L, Malcolm, Mike E and Mike L.

It was unanimously decided to head for Whitfield via Finglesham and the Cider Works or High and Dry as it was formerly known. The clever thinking behind this was wind-related - if you’ll pardon the expression - as we anticipated tail-wind assistance on the mainly uphill journey there, and a rather erratic headwind offset by the downhill way home. I’m delighted to report that this strategy proved successful.

However, what we did not anticipate was that our number would soon be reduced to eight following an accident in Sholden where each rider must decide whether to go directly to the top of the hill before crossing the road onto the cycle path or go via the new housing estate. Mike E decided to turn sharp right. As any Guardian reader will tell you, this can have dangerous consequences, and so it proved as the unfortunate Richard was coming up unseen on the outside and could not avoid a painful collision. John P was on hand with plasters to help cope with a very bloody ankle but, alas, Richard had to retire. We wish you well, Richard.

Otherwise, our trip was (thankfully) uneventful. Indeed, leafy lanes are at their best on sunny days in late Spring. In contrast, the Cider Works now cuts a sorry picture following the fire and evident vandalism. A rather sad ‘For sale by Auction’ sign stands next to the dilapidated structure.

The café used to be called The Windmill but now trades as the Boost Food Kitchen. Perversely, no cakes were available! Also, Earl Grey tea was not among the many tea options so Tom had to settle for English Breakfast, but on the plus side, the coffee was good and the service friendly. Conversations were the usual rich blend including the impressive Ramsgate tunnels, and a woman who is keen to show Mike E her own tunnels – no comment!

The Worthies headed home via (Don’t Tell Him) Pike Road while Deal and Walmerites headed for Sutton/Ripple/Mongeham. 28 miles for me (ML).


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