Tuesday Tour 2008

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A Tuesday cycling group based around the Dover, Deal and Sandwich area. Alternating leisurely and more demanding runs with several breaks for refreshments built in.


An idea in June 2008 - Tuesdays - the wives are off playing golf - the guys like to cycle faster and further than the gals - so instead of waiting for them - let's be off - "a pedaling we will go".

In 2008, in 26 trips, approximately 600 miles were covered - not bad for the initial six months riding.

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Restaurant in Guines, France

9th September 2008


Refreshment establishments frequented by the Tuesday Tour:

Mrs. Corby's Tearooms, Ramsgate

The Cider Works (Formerly High and Dry), Tilmanstone

Langdon Cliffs Cafe (National Trust), Dover

Chalkpit Farm Cafe, Bekesbourne